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Talking Birds

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Talking Birds is a nationally renowned, Coventry-based theatre company, whose music-based projects with children and young people include: We Share This Space - a symphonic poem for jazz ensemble and voices, inspired by Coventry Canal, co-composed and co-written with young music creators from Coventry schools (with Coventry Music); the Frank Whittle Songbook - created with and for young singers, telling the story of the Coventry-born inventor of the jet engine; Twin Song, a symphonic poem for orchestra and voices about Coventry's connection to with twin city Volgograd, Russia, again co-created and performed by young musicians; and three Operas for young people, co-produced with Orchestra of the Swan, working with SEND and mainstream schools - Space Odyssey (finalist in the Best Musical Initiative category of the Music Teacher Awards) and Troy Story (both reworkings of the Iliad and Odyssey stories); and Ant and Cleo - The Musical!, winner of ITV's The People's Millions.

http://www.talkingbirds.co.uk Contact tel: 07708 262 182