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Drake Music

Drake music

"At Drake Music we are leaders in music, disability and technology. We are innovators, educators, curators and advocates. We believe everyone has the right to express themselves creatively through music. We use new technologies and ideas to open up access to music for all. Our vision is a world where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals."

Non-disabled people can make music in many ways. We want the same for disabled people. We want equal opportunities for everyone to make music. Drake Music's vision is a world where disabled people have the same range of opportunities, instruments and encouragement, where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals.

An important slogan from the Disability rights movement is “Nothing about us without us”. This is key to how Drake Music and our partnership works. We work with, alongside and for disabled musicians of all ages and abilities. We are allies and accomplices in creating equality of opportunity in music.

As an organisation Drake Music place value on learning. They are a home for new ways of thinking about music, music technology, performance, teaching and practice. As such they test new ground, learn from other people and organisations and are prepared to take risks and learn from failure as well as success. Their work is informed by the principles of open sourcing, from sharing the code for a new hackable piece of tech or sharing a lesson plan with new ideas for musical turn-taking. 

Togehter we can learn, and try to share that process publicly, in order to support and inspire further change.

Visit their website for full details about all the exciting technology and projects they and us are working on: https://www.drakemusic.org/