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Charles Barratt Award

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Each year students are invited to apply for funding to support their music lessons. This award can be used for anything in relation to Music Education including Groups, Tuition, Exam fees etc. Please note instrument purchase is not funded by the grant. Find out more about the award in the covering letter and information sheet

We are now asking for all applications to be completed online. Please complete the parent form and send the link to the teacher form by email (or ask them to visit this website) to complete. All applicants MUST have a completed parent and teacher form to be considered for an award

Closing date for applications is: Aapplication is now closed for 2023-24. Applications for 2024-25 will open around March 2024

What is the Charles Barratt Fund?

Sir Charles Barratt Memorial Foundation incorporating the Mary Palmer Award Registered Charity No.503108

The Sir Charles Barratt Memorial Foundation was established in memory of Sir Charles Barratt, who was Town Clerk of the City of Coventry from 1946 until his retirement in 1966.

One of his great interests was the Coventry School of Music, which he supported from its foundation, and of which he became President in 1964. He was proud of the fact that the School came to play an important part in the cultural life of the City and that it was eventually taken under the wing of the Local Education Authority.

Following his untimely death less than a year after his retirement, the City Council welcomed the suggestion that his memory be honoured most fittingly by the establishment of a Music Scholarship and, to this end donated the sum of £5,000 to a Trust to be set up formally to promote the Scholarship. Further donations have since increased the funds of the Trust. The interest received from the investment of the Trust Funds is used to make awards to young persons resident in Coventry for the purpose of extending their musical education.

The Foundation is administered by a Committee, the membership of which consists of interested lay members, representatives of the City Council, Coventry Music Service and an independent music expert.

By means of a Committee established under the Foundation, awards are available for Coventry-based students of school age requiring tuition in any kind of practical music, both instrumental and vocal. The awards will be to especially talented persons who at the time of application are residing in the City of Coventry or receiving full-time education at a school or college in Coventry. The Committee making the awards will have particular, but not exclusive regard to applicants who are under 18 years of age.

In addition, Mary Palmer left funds to specifically help young cellists in a similar way. This fund is now administered by the Sir Charles Barratt Trustees and the Mary Palmer Award is made to deserving young cellists.

Value and Tenure of the Awards

The Committee has the authority to assist successful applicants and has absolute discretion both in relation to the amount to be awarded and the timing of the award within the year.

The Award will normally be offered on an annual basis and will, at the discretion of the Committee, be renewable annually, provided the terms of the original award and the new application are fulfilled, and subject to satisfactory progress reports.

The Award will not be withdrawn or reduced by the Committee without such notice as the Committee deems appropriate, being given.

General Conditions

The applications, will be assessed as required by the Committee. The ultimate decisions regarding awards, will be made by the Committee, whose decision will be final.

The awards will normally be made in respect of an approved course of study under an approved tutor or for help with the purchase of an instrument or music.

The Committee will expect applicants to have regular attendance and membership of a Coventry Music ensemble or School based group or ensemble.

Payment in respect of these scholarships will normally be made annually in advance by the Trustees of the Sir Charles Barratt Memorial Foundation but in certain circumstances lump sum payments may be made where this more appropriately meets the needs of the successful applicant. The Committee may, at any time, waive or amend any or all of the foregoing conditions or regulations at their absolute discretion.

Awards for Young Musicians

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Through the Awards Programme, we support more than 200 young instrumentalists, songwriters, composers and producers each year, with funding and other help to develop their musical potential. 

They offer up to £100,000 in grants each year to exceptional young musicians whose families are on a lower income. They provide flexible funding towards musical costs (like tuition, instrument costs or travel) plus individual support to cater to personal circumstances. This could be anything from mentoring and workshops with professional musicians, the chance to observe them perform, free tickets to concerts and performance opportunities.

Find out more on their website

Other Awards and Funding

Valentine Alcock Award Funding

Valentine Alcock

Do you know a young person from a disadvantaged background who might benefit from intensive instrumental tuition?

Valentine Alcock was a talented young mixed-race clarinettist and saxophonist from a single-parent household who died tragically in 1974. In his memory, close members of his family established a fund to allow others to follow in his musical footsteps. We aim:

To provide financial support up to 100% of fees to enable young people of limited financial means to learn to play a musical instrument through attendance in practical courses, workshops or master classes especially those involving residential attendance.

In recent years, we have provided funding for the following individuals and courses:

  • Swansea: £240 for two siblings (parents on income support) to attend local authority summer course
  • Mitcham: £250 (of £495 cost) for 17 yr old (single parent family) to attend Hindhead Centre course
  • Wells: £770 for 13 yr old (single parent family) to attend MusicWorks summer course
  • Rye: £250 for 17 yr old (single parent family) to attend local authority youth orchestra winter course
  • Ipswich: £250 (of £540) for 14 yr old (low income family) to attend Purcell School percussion course
  • Wimbledon: £465 for 13 yr old (single parent) to attend National Children’s Brass Band GB course
  • Oldham: £130 for 17 yr old (single parent family) to attend Vacation Chamber Orchestras course

We are a small, family-run charity. Each year we focus our publicity on particular regions.

To find out more about the Valentine Alcock Scholarship or to make an online application, please visit the Valentine Alcock Scholarship website

Valentine Alcock Scholarship: 26 Limes Avenue, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7DY 01773 520476