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Pricing Policy and terms and conditions

Coventry Music Pricing Policy

Here you can find a full list of all our current terms and conditions as well as our pricing policies

Rationale and Overview 

It is a core role of Coventry Music to encourage and facilitate group music making in Individual, Shared, Group and Workshop programmes.  

Coventry Music will always strive to minimise, or negate where possible, costs of lesson and group participation, whilst realising the necessity of financial viability. 

Coventry Music learners can expect the following: 


  • 33 Direct Billed Lessons (set up before September of that year or pro rata thereafter).  
  • 30 Direct Billed Lessons for tuition delivered at Drapers’ Hall.  
  • All safeguarding procedures will be fully implemented by Coventry Music. 
  • All groups will be led by tutors who have the relevant musical skills and abilities to direct and develop the lesson.  
  • Learners can expect a regular delivery of lessons, set up at enrolment. 


  • 30 Performance Group meetings per annum.  
  • All safeguarding procedures will be fully implemented by Coventry Music. 
  • All groups will be led by tutors who have the relevant musical skills and abilities to direct and develop the group. 
  • Learners can expect a regular delivery (usually weekly) of rehearsals. 
  • Learners will be given regular performance opportunities in accordance with the National Plan for Music Education. 
  • Groups will be run in an appropriate rehearsal space and be suitably resourced.  
  • Groups will be charged termly. 
Coventry Music will require learners to comply with the following:  
  • Enrolment on Speed Admin for all lessons and groups.  
  • Completion of Direct Debit form or online payments to ensure payments are made in line with the payment plan. Non-payment may result in referral to the Council’s debt reconciliation team.  
  • Regular attendance at lessons, rehearsals and performances. 
  • Notification to the Coventry Music office or the Group Leader when attendance is not possible. 
  • Four weeks notice if leaving Direct Billed lessons or groups (except students finishing school at 18) in writing to  
  • Use of a suitable instrument or equipment to ensure participation. (Instrument hire available for all easily transportable instruments by Coventry Music free of charge for those attending Coventry Music activities)  



Participants who require instruments, who are not currently music making through Coventry Music, are able to hire one through Coventry Music at a cost of £100 per year.  

Parents/carers will be required to complete loan agreements for any instruments hired on Speed Admin.  

Instruments will be provided by Coventry Music for members who are moved on to a particular instrument by the Director of the ensemble (e.g., a Clarinet player being required to double on Bass Clarinet).  




Group pricing: 

  • Beginner Groups - £25 per term (10 sessions) - total of £75 per year (30 sessions) 
  • Intermediate and Advanced Groups - £35 per term (10 sessions) - £105 per year (30 sessions)  
  • Live-on-Stage Rock Band Project - £75 per term (10 sessions) - £225 per year (30 sessions) 
  • SoundLab-Cov – no charge 
  • Creative Sounds – no charge  
  • School hosted groups – no charge  

Due to new partnerships with Coventry University and our continued work with MAC Makes Music SoundLab-Cov  and Creative Sounds (SEND focused) will be able to remain as free to access groups.    

Payment will be taken by monthly direct debit or paid termly via an email link.

Please note, for children who attend 2 Drapers’ Hall groups, there will be a cap of the higher price (£35 per term) for them to attend both groups. 

Families with more than 1 child attending groups will have a cap on charges so that they do not exceed £70 per term. 

Regional groups will be charged separately from Coventry Music ensembles and will have separate remission policies. 


Lesson Type 

Cost (per month over 12 months) 

Individual 30 min lesson (33 weeks) 

£49.50 (annual cost £594) 

Individual 20 min lesson (33 weeks) 

£33.70 (annual cost £404.40) 

Individual 30 min lesson fortnightly (17 weeks) 

£27.60 (annual cost £331.50) 

Shared Lesson (20 minutes 2 pupils)  

(30 minutes 3 pupils) 

£17.90 (annual cost £214.80) 

*All lessons starting from the October half term will be charged, pro rata at £39 per hour  

Discounts and Subsidies 

Groups and lessons are free for Children in Care – via Coventry Virtual School funding.  

Learners will be eligible for a subsidy if they claim one of the following*: 

  • Legacy benefits such as: Income – based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance and Child Tax Credit.  
  • Universal Credit 
  • Pupil Premium (eligibility on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the school) 
  • Free School Meals  

From September 2023*, Learners who require a subsidy for lessons and match our criteria will be eligible for the following: 

  • 50% discount on 20-minute shared lessons (£107.40 pro/rata per annum)  
  • 25% discount for a 20-minute individual lesson (£101.10 pro/rata per annum)  
  • 50% discount on all groups (inclusive of the £35 per term cap at Drapers’ Hall) 

Subsidies are not applicable to other lessons or groups; however, applications can be made once per year to the Sir Charles Barrett Fund to cover the cost of other lessons or groups.  

*Disclaimer: discounts are applicable at sign-up and at the start of subsequent terms only. Any change in circumstance that indicates eligibility for a discount must be reported to Coventry Music and will be applied to subsequent lessons or groups.  

Please Note: Evidence of any benefits claimed will be required upon application.

Exact days, dates and times will be agreed by individual tutors and schools where lessons take place. 

Any requests outside of these dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on tutor availability. 

Children in Care

Groups and lessons are free for Children in Care - via Coventry Virtual School funding
The following terms and conditions will apply:

  • The pupil will receive an individual 20-minute music lesson on an instrument in the school the child attends with a specialist tutor from the Coventry Music Team.
  • As these lessons are subsidised by the Virtual School under pupil premium plus, a member of Coventry Music must deliver and they cannot be delivered with a private tutor.
  • Where appropriate, Children in Care pupils will receive an instrument from Coventry Music to use within their weekly lesson.
  • Those in care of Coventry authority in KS2-3 (years 3-9) and those in 10 and 11 taking GCSE music. In addition, we will honour this provision for the first 12 months after leaving the care of Coventry local authority.
  • Lessons will be delivered across 33 weeks of the academic year.
  • Children in Care will have free access to Coventry Music's evening Music Centre ensembles, choirs and bands held at venue in the city. See link for more information: