what a fantastic year 2022/23 was....why not join us this year.

girl pointing at you with a blackboard inviting people to sign up

We had a fantastic year at Coventry Music last academic year full of opportunities, learning and performances. Why not join us this year and be part of it all.

We at Coventry Music are really proud of everything we offer and love working with schools and children across the city. We had a great year last year, going into more schools then ever before and ensuring more children in the city can access and enjoy making music. The year ended with an amazing set of performances across the city. Read all about them in our newsletter here. If you want to receive our newsletters for parents and schools and find out all about what we do and up-coming event then sign up here.

We want the next academic year to be even better, and to do that we need you to get involved. We need schools to sign up to have our fantastic, talented teachers come and provide music in your schools, we need young people to sign up for lessons on a full range of instruments, both at school and our Drapers' Hall Music centre, we need musicians to join our music groups and bands and we need you all to come and enjoy our workshops and performances across the year.

You can find full information about everything we offer on our website, including lesson prices, group times and our full range of workshops and events. Its easy to sign up and if you have any questions then are friendly team are here to help you. You can email us on music@coventry.gov.uk or call us on 024 7678 8575

Or alternatively follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on everything Coventry Music. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

We need YOU to make 2023/24 another magical year and we cant wait to work with you all.

Published: 1st September 2023