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Free Digital Tutorials for Young Musicians and Educators

The Stringcredibles are world-class musicians, who are dedicated to performance and education. They believe that classical music is for everyone, and that considered performances connect universally. They deliver bespoke shows in primary schools and provide training for conservatoires and music education specialists.

Delivering a powerful performance is not just about playing the right notes - it is about communicating with the audience and forging a connection. To do this effectively, a musician needs to master spontaneity, risk, emotion and conviction.

These skills can be taught, but there are currently few resources for young musicians or those who support their learning. The Stringcredibles are set to tackle this issue with a new set of digital tutorials.
Starting on 16th January, the quartet will be releasing a short video each week to help young musicians connect more powerfully with their audiences. Each video will cover a different area of performing, from public speaking to conveying emotion and adopting a persona. Suitable for all instruments and any level, the videos will act as a quick boost to performance skills and will build into a short course, all available for free.
The Stringcredibles’ series of videos will promote the joy of live music as well helping young musicians to develop the skills they need to perform well. These performance skills have recently been given additional weight in assessments, including ABRSM performance grades and the recent adjudication of BBC Young Musician of the Year. There is a growing understanding that, whether performing in a concert hall, an exam, or to family and friends, how well a musician performs is as important as what they play.

Catherine Arlidge MBE is leader of The Stringcredibles, as well as an exceptional classical musician, educator, and artistic director. She says;
“When we truly connect with our audience, our performance is elevated – it becomes a conversation rather than a monologue, delivering far greater impact and meaning. How to achieve this connection is so rarely taught, yet every learner can develop these skills. These videos will allow them to do this, to help reduce any nerves, and to have lots of fun along the way!”

The Covid pandemic prompted a quick shift to digital learning for many organisations and demonstrated that, when used effectively, it can be a valuable tool for engaging with young musicians. The Stringcredibles discovered a passion for turning their teaching methods into unique digital content, and identified a gap in learning resources for young musicians.

This series of videos acts as a digital toolkit, which empowers musicians to improve their performance skills by better understanding their intentions, considering the needs of the audience, and bolstering their confidence. Whilst the series is specially tailored to young audiences, it can be used as a learning tool for music teachers, educational organisations, and parents of young musicians. The series was created with support from Arts Council England and has been piloted by Music Education Hubs in Birmingham, Sandwell, Wolverhampton, and in Coventry as part of their City of Culture celebrations.

Each video is lively and succinct, introducing a fresh idea that is easy to digest. With quirky titles such as ‘Breakfast Emotions’ and ‘Walk On Like a Ten’, the bite-size tutorials are short, punchy and not afraid to be silly!

The New Year is the perfect time to set resolutions for practice, and the series will help to establish positive habits. Tune in each week for the next instalment.

The videos will go live on YouTube at www.youtube.com/@thestringcredibles
For more information, visit www.thestringcredibles.com/engage

Published: 12th January 2023