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"We, as a family like many others, attended the Belgrade theatre last Wednesday to watch the recent show put on by yourselves and although we were obviously there primarily to support Michael and his ensemble (soundboard/fretworks), we thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. We felt it was an excellent performance by all involved. It is great to see so many talented young people in Coventry have the opportunity to perform at such a venue. As so much of the learning, practicing and developing happens away from the public eye, its great that these events are put on so that all their hard work and skills can be seen by others. So, congratulations to the team and all those involved with organising the great event. All your effort and time that is put into these events, as well as the on- going service that is provided by everyone, is very much appreciated."

Neil Smith, parent of a Guitar Group member

"More than anything else, I really just wanted to thank you.

I admit I was shocked when [my child] chose this beast of an instrument, especially as she hadn’t had any prior training on any instrument! Yet, I’ve watched her come home from school each day and practise all of her own accord. It has been an absolute joy to see her progress and I’m shocked at how quick she has been able to pick it all up.

[My child] ... absolutely loves the lesson time with you, and we’ve noticed her confidence grow. So, I wanted to thank you for inspiring her and being such a great teacher."

Clair Chaytors, parent of a cello student

"[My child] is buzzing after his lesson...... he’s just showed me what he’s been learning. Thank you for keeping him engaged."

Kerry West, parent of a trumpet student