Early Years and Primary resources

Early Years resources (0-5 years)

Below you will find a list of resources suitable for Early Years: (Last updated: Nov 2020)

EYFS songs and Youtube links, as well as some helpful advice put together by the team at Coventry Music.


Five songs to dance along to learning BSL at the same time.
Lesson plans and videos A series of short films demonstrating different techniques for teaching music activities to SEND pupils.

Coventry Libraries and Information Services

Weekly rhymetime events from Coventry Library Service 

Coventry MusicCoventry music

Nursery Rhymes

Early Years resources for practitioners

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Coventry Music has worked with Funky Feet Music to produce a free music resource exclusively for Early Years practitioners across Coventry. This resource is available for download.

This exclusive package of songs and supporting documents:

  • places emphasis on the link between music making and physical development and the subsequent effect on child development.
  • provides a broad range of songs and musical games that support language, literacy, and numeracy skills
  • follows the same format as the Development Matters framework
  • provides opportunities for observation and assessment and gives suggestions for extension activities
  • provides creative opportunities

Access the resources: - please ask for the password (Please note. you may need to download the file to make the music play)

Funky FeetFunky feet

Here are some great resources for early years from funky feet - for the playful child who loves to move. A fantastic opportunity for EYFS practitioners in all settings across Coventry to take part in CPD sessions and receive free music resources.

Check out these great online singing and dancing funky feet videos on YouTube.

Katherine Fear - Music Tutor

Here are some fantastic YouTube videos to sing along to.

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If you would like to know the importance of music in early years then Music Mark has lots of information and guidance. 

Music in Early Childhood | A Common Approach (musicmark.org.uk)

Services for Education

Services for education

In day to day life though, with the pressures of work and home, being a parent can be challenging and there are times when you may be unsure who to ask for advice and support. Services for Education have a range of information, resources and support around topical themes.