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Frequently asked questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us at

Can my child have lessons?

We have a range of music tutors who cover a variety of instruments. Please complete the request on the home page for lessons at each school and instrument type. We set up lessons based on tutor availability and demand – in some cases, we will need to build up lesson demand with a school before setting the lesson up and will be in touch once the lesson can be set up.

Do I have to sign up for the full year? What if my child doesn’t like their lessons?

Yes, music lessons run throughout the academic year. You can sign up to lessons termly – if you wish to lessons to start in September, sign-up must be completed over summer. 4 weeks' notice is required to cancel lessons however we would encourage you to speak to our team to address any challenges. For example, there may be flexibility to change from individual to shared lessons.

How do I cancel my lessons? 

If you would like to stop lessons please contact us at

If a suitable solution cannot be found and you still wish to cancel your lessons then we require 4 weeks' notice. Lessons will be cancelled after this date and no further charges will be made.
Please do not cancel your direct debit until you have notified us of cancellation, otherwise, you may still be charged.

How do I join or leave a music group?

All our groups are charged per term. We would like all students to attend for the full term, as we work towards a sharing or performance at the end of each term.

You can start a group at any point, however, must be bear in mind that you will be charged for the full term. You can attend a one week trail lesson before comitting to any payments .

To leave a group, please email Coventry Music and we will notify your group leader. We do not normally issue refunds for any remaining weeks of the current term and encourage your child to stay until the end of that music term.

Why am I being charged a different monthly amount to that advertised on the website?

The price list is based on lessons that have been set up before September and therefore 12 monthly payment instalments will be taken. If lessons are set up after September, the cost will be spread over the remaining months up to August – for example, if lessons are set up in October, payments will be taken over 10 months instead of 12, increasing the monthly cost.

Lessons that start after term starts will be charged based on the number of sessions available in that academic year – for example, lessons starting in September will take place on 33 weeks of the year, lessons starting in January will be for 22 weeks

How do I pay for my lessons with Coventry Music?

Lessons that are arranged directly with Coventry Music are payable by direct debit only. Once your child’s lessons have been set up, you will be sent a direct debit form to complete, if you haven't already completed payment details online during sign-up. It takes approximately one month from receipt of the completed direct debit form to set up the direct debit payments. These are taken monthly from your account.

What if I am unable to make payments?

If a direct debit payment is cancelled without notice or payment is not able to be taken, lessons will be suspended immediately until payment is made.

If you are having problems please contact us at and we will help you where we can. Bursaries are available for those on low incomes.

Direct debit payments are covered by our Corporate Income team including debt recovery.

Why have i been sent an invoice for a larger amount than I was expecting?

Invoices are sent by Coventry City Council and we have no control about how they are sent out. The invoice will be for the full amount for the year. 
Please be assured we take all payments by direct debit to help lower monthly costs, and the amount will be spread across the remaining months of that academic year.

Why have i paid in August when my child doesnt have lessons during the summer break?

We spread the cost of 33 weeks (30 weeks for Drapers' Hall lessons and groups) lessons across the academic year. Therefore you will pay a monthly charge from September to the following August (unless set up later in the year - where the number of payments will be adjusted accordingly)

You are not paying for lessons your child hasn't received.

Do you offer any concessions or discounts?

Yes. One of our priorities is enabling access to music for all. We therefore offer a subsidy for our lessons and groups if they qualify for one of the following criteria:

  • Income – based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Income – related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (as long as you are not getting Working Tax Credit)

Please contact us if you think you may be eligible, or add to the comments section when signing up online. Please note Evidence of any benefits claimed will be required upon application.

We also offer discount for Coventry Music students who wish to take ABRSM exams at Drapers' Hall. Please contact us for more information