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Musical School of the Month for Feb 2019- Why where they chosen?

Published: Friday, 01 March 2019

musical school - longford

Hollyfast Primary are our musical school of the month. Here are some of the amazing things they are doing....

Want to know why Hollyfast Primary is our Musical School of the month?

Here are some final reasons why we chose Hollyfast for our February school of the month. Keep up the good work Hollyfast!

  • We host CPD for music teachers including a session in charanga last year and this hear Out of the Ark.
  • We produce a musical in the summer term and perform it at a local theatre. All children are invited to take part if they wish and they all come to watch this high quality performance.
  • We have several sources of visiting musicians who perform in our school (rockband, many teachers in school play several instruments and perform, and visiting schools).
  • Last Christmas we recorded our very first CD making every child and staff member in the school a recording artist. We sold out of our CDs!
  • We are currently working on a project in our cluster schools in which we are taking the lead in a day of musical development for more able musicians.
  • The music Lead teacher has just delivered training in house which involves ideas taken from music therapy. This work is being delivered to children with SEND or emotional or social need and is having a massive impact on their confidence and enjoyment in school alongside their musical development.
  • Finally, we are very proud to have been chosen as a Music Mark school this year, a recognition of our hard work and commitment towards music.
holyfast cd  holyfast christmas concert



More reasons why Hollyfast our our school of the month:

All children have access to music, including learning to play lots of different instruments and being given opportunities to play and perform music in different ways.

Here are some examples:

  • They have visiting tutors for guitar, flute and recorder
  • They have a hand bell club, recorder club and also keyboard lessons in house.
  • During their lessons children learn music theory too.
  • All children have a music block of teaching often taught by a specialist every term
  • The school offers -  Rocksteady, weekly where children learn to play or sing in a band on keyboard, guitar, vocals or drums. And over 75 children take part from ks2.
  • They have weekly sessions of movement to music for foundation stage and also a weekly session of rhymetime for them.
  • They travel to music workshops at local senior schools.
  • And they also host the Coventry Music Guitar Ensemble.  
  • They even have a fantastic flautist who travels from Hollyfast to play at Musical Mixtures every week!


Singing is a massive part of school life at Hollyfast. Here are some examples why:

  • They have a choir of almost 90 children who rehearse weekly and recently took part in Young Voices alongside 6000 other children!
  • There choir perform regularly across the city - and are regularly invited to sing extra works.
  • They are a leading school for ks1 morning of music and their year 3 pupils wrote the refrain of the sounds of the forest!
  • They have a whole school Christmas nativity in which every child in the school sings, alongside solo work.
  • They take part in regular performances at Coventry Cathedral (who have been in and invited many of our choir members to audition as choristers just this week), local nursing homes and large scale concerts alongside Coventry Music at the Albany and Belgrade theatres often working with Armonico Concert. 
  • All their children take part in 45 minutes of singing practice every week which focuses on melody learning as well as technique. We have assemblies covering the history of music too.
  • Every lunchtime children from ks2 support ks1 and foundation stage pupils with a singing stop where they sing rhymes and chants together with actions.

hollyfast young voices

Here is Hollyfast Primary performing at the Resorts World Arena as part of one of the biggest choirs in the world at this years Young Voices concert.