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Amazing performances at the Night of Rock Christmas Special

Published: Wednesday, 12 December 2018

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What a performance from our newly formed Rock Bands and guests!

The hugely successful Night of Rock was a smash hit last week at the Tin Music and Arts. Coventry Music and The Tin Music project bands; Mugshot, Flat Earth and Swords & Sunflowers performed original songs and covers to a sold out audience for the first time ever.

The quality and musicianship was exceptional with all bands looking like they had been together for years.

  • Highlights from Mugshot and Flat Earth included the newly formed bands delivering their own versions of Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston and Take On Me by Aha.
  • Sword & Sandals took everyone on a blues journey with some outstanding musical improvisation which was a pleasure to watch. 
  • Opening the night was the Tin Music & Arts very own second year project band called Project Overload, who blew everyone away with there very own song The Reassuring Sound of No, which had the greatest pop hook and classic chord sequence.
  • Special guest bands included Below the Down with members from Cardinal Newman, who played face melting metal, hard hitting drums and guitar shredding covers from Avenger Sevenfold and Rise Against.
  • And closing the show were the very well established Take It To The Bridge from Clifford Bridge Academy. The ten piece band performed two energetic and fun cover songs by The Feeling and Bryan Adams and even performed their very own song which had the crowd dancing by the end of the night

Well done to everyone. We can't wait to see what the next event will bring! Exciting times.

Here are some action shots of the event.

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