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It's great to be back in classrooms again!

Published: Friday, 12 March 2021

Many Coventry Music tutors were able to return to the classrooms across the city last week and were excited to be able to start teaching music face-to-face again.

The fantastic news that schools can re-open, has made everyone here at Coventry Music very happy. We are delighted to back in schools across the city, doing what we do best, bringing music and joy to the children of Coventry and inspiring the future generations with our love of all things musical.

Cathy Scott Burt said, "It was great to be back in my schools this week; I especially enjoyed seeing the fab teenagers at Lyng Hall school, who were so positive and keen to get back to their playing, it really made my day. I’d forgotten how many steps I do in a ‘normal’ day though… need to get my fitness back up!"

cathy violin

Claire Tyler was able to go back into Our Lady of the Assumption school last Monday. She went in early to do a deep clean and tune of all the ukuleles and everyone was so pleased to see her - staff and children.  In the lesson, the children thought she was famous because she had been on their whiteboard screen teaching their lessons online from home the few weeks before, so it was like she had been on the TV!! 
She said, "It was so lovely to see all their faces properly, check finger positions easily on the instruments and get that instant feedback that is so important in music lessons."

Claire also had an even bigger treat last week working on another filming project with some of the Coventry music tutors.  She was so excited to be actually playing live music with other, making up a band and having fun!  There filming in Tile Hill library so there was plenty of space to spread out and it meant they could all brush off the dust from their instruments!

Here is claire filming in Tile Hill Library...

Claire making music at Tile Hill Library


Vicky Clayton was also really happy to be back teaching in classrooms again. Read her blog about her experiences here.

cov meo team


Kevin Stannard, another one of our talented Coventry Music Engagement Officers told us this little story about his return to work last week.

"I have started teaching a couple of songs from the Cultural Cantata to year 6 pupils at Keresley Grange Academy and one boy asked if they will be continuing singing these songs when they go to year 7 at President Kennedy School!"

Natasha  Davydova, one of our violin tutors, said, "It was great seeing the excitement on both sides - from myself and the teachers and students - so happy being back to school and having Violin sessions. All the students were very attentive and are excellent learners!’

And Annette Ball shared the following little hear-warming story about her return to work in schools.

"I've really enjoyed being back in school this week! And loved this little heart-warming story:

Child:  You're the best music teacher, Mrs Ball!

Me:  I'm your only music teacher!

Child:  We had music teachers online during lockdown.

Me:  Did you?  What did you learn about?

Child:  We had to recognise instruments being played , like the piano and guitars.

Me:  Oh, that sounds interesting.  Did you like doing that?

Child:  It was OK but we didn't get to play instruments and I like playing the ukulele with my friends!

I must admit that I left the classroom with a smile on my face!"

We are so glad that schools are happy to have us back and that we can put smiles on all the children's faces again. Lockdown has been hard and music is just the tonic we all need!