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String Ensemble Lockdown Project

Published: Thursday, 02 July 2020

lockdown string ensemble

Group members meet up virtually and create a beautiful online recording together.

Coventry String Orchestra met virtually for the summer term of 2020.

They recorded Purcell's Two Rondeaux from Abdelazar and you can listen to their performance on the group page on our website.

All members of the ensemble took part, meeting once a week to chat, have play-alongs and section practice and to learn each other’s parts ready to make the recordings at home. Players recorded their own part to a click track, and it was mixed together afterwards; even if we couldn’t play our instruments live with each other, it was a great way of keeping the ensemble together and motivating all our players to do some really good listening and practice to hone their recordings.

Music Director Cathy Scott-Burt said “I was really excited to try out this online format, and it was so lovely to be able to ‘meet’ and chat with all the players during a term where everything happened remotely. We even managed to make our usual end-of-term doughnut rehearsal happen! I’m incredibly proud of the ensemble, they’ve all made great progress this term and we can’t wait to be together again live.”

Listen to their recording here: