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SoundlabCov to be relocated

Published: Friday, 27 September 2019


Starting this Saturday Soundlab-COV will be re-locating to The Coventry Caribbean Association Building

After months of searching and building partnerships, we can announce that SoundLab-COV will be hosted at The Coventry Caribbean Association building, 159 Spon Street.  Starting this Saturday and through until 14th December at 1pm, when there will be an open mic event, more information to follow.

We are particularly pleased to find a venue and organisation that mirrors our own ambitions to bring people and families together through music, appreciating and shaping Coventry’s Cultural history and future.  In addition, SoundLab will be drawing on the expertise of Colin Bell, an experienced local music project manager as we plan the programme in its new venue.  

Huge thanks to Claire and George from Soundlab-COV for continuing to search and build this partnership, but also for being confident that we could find a venue for young people to come and access music provision that isn’t a formal education institution.