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Coventry Music supports the Canal Basin Festival

Published: Sunday, 30 June 2019

The city celebrates music and culture at the Coventry Canal Basin Festival

Coventry Music and Tin Music and Arts bands from the ‘Live on Stage’ Project opened the stage at Coventry Canal Basin Festival. This brilliant new festival hosted by Tin Music and Arts and the Canals Trust was a great success with many visitors across the day. 


The 4 bands from the project over its 2 years of running really showed what talented musicians exist in the city and showed amazing stage presence, introducing, performing and getting the audience joining in! 

 A brilliant day in the Sun was had by all!  

 Sign Up is now open for ‘Live on Stage’ for individuals to form a band with other young musicians in the city and get the opportunities to take part in events at venues such as Godiva, Warwick Arts Centre and the Coal Vaults.