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Whole class programmes

Whole Class Teaching

Did you know?

  • our team are available to support any school across Coventry and can visit your school to help develop and design the provision to meet the needs of young people.

Whole Class Instrumental Teaching (WCIT)

  • Whole class teaching can be delivered in partnership with your school or as a stand-alone programme with Coventry Music tutors.
  • Sessions are delivered over 33 agreed weeks and focus on developing the wider musician in line with the National Plan for Music Education 2022 whilst developing skills on a principal instrument.
  • To ensure good progress is made two adults are needed in the space. This can be two Coventry Music tutors or a school staff member to embed the programme further.
  • Charanga Music Professional is provided for all our tutors alongside some other digital resources where rooms/spaces are suitable for this technology to be used.

Whole Class Hourly Provision

Hourly provision to cover larger group programmes of over 10 students. For programmes lasting over 1 term instruments will be included where appropriate


  • After school groups
  • Choirs
  • Ensembles
  • Singing Assemblies
  • Progression Group (over 10 students)
we offer 10% discount on whole class instrumental Teaching when purchasing 3 or more extra packages

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