Music lessons

Individual Lessons

  • Learn to play a musical instrument with us at an affordable cost.
  • We offer individual 20 and 30 minute lessons and shared lessons with 1 or 2 other students - making lessons even more affordable.
  • Lessons start from only £6.50 per lesson
    We offer lessons at some schools in Coventry or at our music centre at Drapers' Hall in the city centre.

Contact us to find out more or sign up on our website. You will be added to our waiting list and we will be in touch regarding availability and times, as soon as we can.

Its easy to Sign up for lessons with Coventry Music here or if you need help use this handy guide  How to complete the registration form

  • *Please note not all schools offer individual lessons and all lessons are subject to tutor and venue availability. 

  • Group lessons are beneficial for beginners through to intermediate players as it enables pupils to develop instrument specific skills, ensemble/group performance skills and musicianship in a fun setting.

  • Individual lessons allow greater focus on technical skills and are more suited to intermediate and advanced level students. 

*Sign up before September to receive an exclusive discount on your monthly payments.


Date Sign-up Opens

Date Sign-up Closes

Autumn Term

(for lessons to begin between Sep-Oct)

 1st July 2023

31st October 2023

Spring Term

(for lessons to begin between Jan-Apr)

6th November 2023

9th February 2024

Summer Term

(for lessons to begin between Apr-Jul)

19th February 2024

24th May 2024


Contact us at if you have any difficulties registering or would like more information about what we offer.