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Resources for all ages

Here is a list of useful resources for all ages. We will add new resources regularly so keep checking back


Get started learning music. Learn the basics of music making. No prior experience or equipment is required.


abrsm - resources

Live streamed performances to watch at home.

ABRSM has a free speedshifter app which is useful and there are some paid apps for string practice of ABRSM grade material

An award-winning app offers an exciting way for students to practise aural skills and is now available for Grades 1 to 8. Through a series of interactive challenges, users can learn to identify and describe musical features and differences quickly and accurately. Together, Aural Trainer 1-5 and Aural Trainer 6-8 cover all the individual elements of ABRSM aural tests including sight–singing and echo tests. Aural Trainer can be used any time and anywhere to prepare effectively for exams or develop your aural skills.



bbc (resources)

BBC music highlights. The destination for curious music lovers

BBC introducing. Bringing together all of the BBC's supporters of unsigned music

Bring the noise. Some great musical resources for everyone to enjoy

BBC Teach. Five musical ideas to do at home – making your own musical instruments with household objects, listening to sounds around you, etc.

Videos about all the featured composers and key well-known compositions plus there are loads of other free resources available.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

berlin concert hall

Access to free digital concerts from this amazing orchestra using voucher code BERLINPHIL

Pre-recorded concerts for children by the “Berliner Philharmoniker” exploring many different genres of music, instruments and musical elements.

Birmingham Contemporary Group

birmingham contemp group - resources

In this activity you will create music using things you find in the garden or park inspired by composer John Cage's Child of Tree.


brainpop- resources

Lots of great learning videos and quizzes for everyone on music and lots of other topics. Register for FREE.

Carnegie Hall

carnegie hall

Benjamin Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” – exploring orchestral instruments through well-known musical melodies and anthems. Provided by Carnegie Hall – there is a registration required to access the activities.

Charanga Yumu

charanga yumu

If you already use Charanga, this is a way of monitoring your pupils’ progress at home.

Plus you can log in to access Coventry Music exclusive resources and lessons. We will be adding more to this soon. Log In: p773396 and password: gray (Need help?)

Chrome Music Lab

Have some fun composing your own music.

Classics for Kids

classics for kids

Games and quizzes about musical elements – notes, rhythm, pitch etc; and information about composers.

Find out all about composers.

English Touring Opera

english touring opera3

 Sing like an opera singer with English Touring Opera. Learn skills and techniques from Spring 2020 opera singers during this series of singing lessons. Each week a different opera singer will teach you a new technique and set homework so tune in and get singing.

Weekly singing lessons for children.

weekly singing lessons for adults

flat io

Music notation software.

Get a free download of the industry-standard music notation software Sibelius.

Gareth Malone Great British Home Chorus

gareth malone

His heart-warming new initiative, ‘The Great British Home Chorus’, has been designed to bring together both amateur and professional performers around the UK by encouraging them to sing with others online. More information.
Sign up to join the choir.




JamKazam is an innovative live music platform and social network, enabling musicians to play music together in real time from different locations over the internet as if they are sitting in the same room. The core platform is free to use and delivers immense value:

Kathy and David Blackwell

kathy & david blackwell - resoources

These downloads on the Blackwell’s site are really useful for string players

Launchpad for iPad


DJ mixing app and beat maker.

Learning Music


Interactive website that helps you learn the basics of music making – beats, melodies, basslines, chords, and song structure. May fill one or two lessons depending on age of class

Online resources from our friends at the Leicestershire Music Hub.

Little Kids Rock

little kids rock - resources


 Some great resources for kids and teachers. The team at Little Kids Rock is committed to doing all they can to help you, your kids and your communities to thrive and survive during this outbreak. They have put together solutions to help ensure that students continue to learn, grow, and benefit from the transformational power of music, even when we all have to stay away from the classroom. There are online lessons and some great links to some resources.

MTB exams


Grade 1-8 exams conducted via a webcam.

Muse Score

music score


Open source for creation and downloading of sheet music.

Music Gurus offer

music gurus


As part of its commitment to music teaching and learning, Warwick Music Group has produced a number of online teaching and learning resources which are exclusively available through our partners

I’m pleased to say that Warwick Music Group and Music Gurus have come together to offer these eight courses completely for free until 30th June 2020. As musicians, teachers and parents ourselves we want to support our community over the challenging months that lie ahead. We hope these free courses with over 6 hours of educational content will support students in remote learning and allow teachers to augment their online lessons.

Trombone circuit training

pbone stripes

Play Authentic Swing Trumpet

Play Authentic Rock Trumpet

Play Authentic Latin Trumpet

Introduction to the trumpet: my first trumpet lesson

Are You Ready part 1: 5 tunes for beginner trumpeters

Are You Ready part 2: 7 more tunes to learn the trumpet

At the checkout please enter the coupon code MUSICTOGETHER to get your 100% discount.


music room


Family zone
fun learning musical materials and games, beginner instruments and instrumental tuition books to keep us all amused and ensure everyone learns a little. Browse the family zone at Musicroom

Music Theory

music theory


Music theory explained and broken down into different sections: note values, notes on the scale, clefs, rhythm, etc. – suitable for KS2 and above.

An introduction to music theory with exercises that can be completed offline.

Note Flight

note flight


Composition and arranging software and a library of scores.

Ros Stephen

ros stephens


We can recommend Ros Stephen’s YouTube channel for violin practice – she’s got a good tutorial on how to tune the violin and lots of useful practice-along videos too.

Services for Education

services for education


Services for Education have provided heaps of home-schooling resources covering a variety of topics to help you juggle working from home and home-schooling. 

Smart Music

smart music


Suite of music education tools to help pupils practice efficiently. Free until June 2020.




A website for educators including lesson plans and activities on topics such as‘How to Create a Podcast’ and ‘Shakespeare and Hip Hop’.

Virtual Ensemble Rehearsal Toolkit by Soundtrap
 A way of running an ensemble rehearsal with instructions for pupils. They can hear themselves and anyone else who has recorded and the teacher can hear everyone.




Some great videos giving you ideas for practice and pinpointing problems in your practice.

Tech Radar best apps



Here is a link to a list of some of the great music related apps out there

Ukulele Rocks

ukulele rocks\n


A great site for all you ukulele players out there.