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All inclusive and SEND projects and information

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AMIE inclusion resources hub

Are you looking for help to make sure all young people can take part and benefit from music-making? Wanting to grow your reach, address the barriers that some young people may be facing, and make sure no-one misses out? Then the resources on the Youth Music Network can help.

They are brought to you by the founders of the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England (AMIE). Visit their website and for tools and guidance, blogs and case studies to help you break down barriers to music-making.

See the EDI self-assessment tool. Use it to see how well you are doing with inclusion in your school or organisation.

Open Orchestra

All Inclusive and SEND projects are built in collaboration with the school and partner organisations to maximise the skills across Coventry Music Education Hub. Working with both regional and national partners, Open Orchestras, MAC Makes Music, Drake Music, Soundabout and Armonico Consort, Coventry Music Hub can deliver a variety of exciting projects to fit the needs of your school.

"I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order" - Eric Morecombe

"The music is not in the notes but in the silence in between" - Mozart

Open Orchestras:

Flexible child-centred approach to music making with the aim to create a school ensemble with pupils taking part on a variety of instruments. Below of some examples of the success of the project so far, including photos from a live performance.

open orchestra will  open orchestra clarion  open orchestra 2            

Inclusive music making projects:

Bespoke projects to develop music and self-esteem. Focusing on individual, small group or whole class delivery with a focus developed in partnership with pupils, school and music leader.

SEND choir creation:

The fantastic Choir Creation scheme, in partnership with Armonico Consort is also open to Special schools and suitable for SEND projects. We have had many successful performances recently from some fantastic SEND choirs formed through this scheme.

What is choir creation?

Through our unique Choir Creation scheme, we have developed a reputation for creating thriving AC Academy choirs in schools where there has previously been little or no music education.

The scheme is aimed at KS2 and KS3 (although we can work with KS1 and KS4 if required) and involves three important elements:

  • Establishing new choirs at schools
  • Training a teacher at the school to become the choir leader
  • On-going mentoring support for the newly trained choir leader

A valuable tool for music services nation-wide to deliver the National Plan Singing Strategy, the Choir Creation scheme aims to create sustainable in-school music education with a reach of 15,000 children every year. One of the core aims of the National Plan for music is for schools to have a singing strategy, ensuring that all pupils sing regularly, have access to choirs both in and out of school, and take part in large-scale performances alongside professional musicians. To this end, all of our Choir Creation schools are invited to take part in our AC Academy Gala Concerts once they have completed the programme.

Working with local authorities, music trusts and Music Education Hubs, we are able to identify the schools where our work would be most beneficial. Some of the schools have almost no music education and others are unsure about the best way to continue with the little musical guidance they had.