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out of the ark workshop june 19

Out of the Ark Workshop - A singing School is a Successful School

Date: 13 June 2019

Location: Hollyfast Primary School Hollyfast Road, Coundon CV6 2AH

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Cost: £45 + VAT

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Out of the Ark to deliver a fantastic workshop called “A Singing School is a Successful School.”

Grounded in solid research, this workshop is aimed at every teacher in every school. We will show you how you can use music to improve literacy and numeracy; promote well-being and team spirit through whole-school singing;
and influence mood/attention in the classroom. With loads of fabulous free resources, the session has been designed to allow attendees to incorporate great new ideas into their teaching right away.

  • How you can use music to support curriculum areas from phonics and literacy to numeracy.
  • How active engagement with singing can have an enormous impact on pupils’ intellectual, social and personal development.
  • How whole-school singing, especially in assemblies, can promote team spirit and create a collaborative learning environment.
  • How to influence mood and attention in the classroom through the use of music.
  • A couple of fun warm-ups.
  • Practical examples of how to use songs to support different learning styles across the general school curriculum.
  • Great tips on how to teach songs and get the most out of them, using Take 5 Styles and Good Morning as examples.
  • Introduction to the resource pack, which includes:
    • Lesson plans for 5-9s and 7-11s.
    • Play-Doh and ‘Top Trumps’ activities (amongst many others).
    • Curriculum activities with practical, creative examples showing how songs 
      can support music lessons as well as the wider school curriculum.
    • Video content showing real-life examples of music activities in school.

Time permitting, the workshop will also include:

  • An introduction to Words on Screen™, our easy-to-use software, which guarantees that any teacher, no matter what their musical ability, will feel confident teaching songs and delivering great-quality music resources across the school curriculum.

Who is this for?: Teachers of children aged 5-11

Duration:180 minutes (full session) or 120 minutes (a cut-down version, covering the same areas but in less detail). We strongly recommend that, where possible, you try to find the time for the full 3-hour workshop.

Visit their website for more information or book your tickets here.

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