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Events for 03 May 2020


Online Working

Date: 09 April 2020 - 24 July 2020

Every day

Location: 1

Cost: free

As we can't hold any events right now, here is a link to all our online resources to keep yourself and your family entertained. Watch a performance or why not create your own performance for family...

Here are some great resources to practice your skills, whatever they are. OrlLearn something new perhaps?


There are also some brilliant performances to watch and learn from.

When you have practised, why not share what you have learnt with us, or do a performance for family and friends - who you can't be with right now over Skype, or Zoom?

Whatever you choose have fun!

Hopefully we will be back up and running again as soon as it safe to do so, and will hold some more fantastic events as well as finding out what you have all been learning.

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