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Musical School of the Month January 2019 - Why where they chosen?

Published: Friday, 25 January 2019

musical school of the month

Longford Park are our musical school of the month. Here are some of the amazing things they are doing....

Want to know why Longford Park Primary have been chosen as our Musical School of the Month for January?

Here is a statement from the deputy head Mrs Goode at Longford Primary school:

"At Longford Park Primary School, we pride ourselves on the fact that music is an integral part of our broad and balanced curriculum. We strongly believe that music can help to develop the skills, attitudes and attributes that can support our children’s learning in other national curriculum subjects. This includes improved listening skills, the ability to concentrate, creativity, perseverance, the ability to work in a group and increased self-confidence.

Throughout the school, all children have a weekly singing assembly and from Years 1 to 6, children have specialist-led music lessons. Within the lessons, all children have the opportunity to learn how to play a range of musical instruments, which include the ukulele, recorder, drums, brass instruments, percussion instruments and steel pans.  At the end of each term, to recognise our children’s talents and hard work, we invite our children's families, friends and governors into school and the children put on a wonderful performance, which showcase’s their learning and talents.  Our love and enjoyment for music goes beyond school and we have worked hard to develop our links with the wider community so that we can give the children an opportunity to perform for different audiences and bring a smile to others.  So far this academic year, the choir has performed at the ‘Lest We Forget’ WWI commemoration service and sang their hearts out at a local day centre for elderly people and brought Christmas cheer to shoppers at a local retail park. We are incredibly proud of our children’s musical talents and we will continue to promote a love of music through our exciting curriculum.

Here are some quotes from our children

Year 6 pupils, “Music at Longford Park Primary School gives us lots of opportunities to learn and perform in different places in the community. We like having the chance to learn how to play different instruments. The teachers make it fun and interesting”.

Year 5 pupil, “Music at school is fun.  I enjoying learning the lyrics to different songs and learning how to play instruments. Mrs Clayton encourages us to do our best and this week we have started to compose our own music which is exciting”

Year 3 pupil, “I enjoy music at Longford Park because I am learning to play the recorder.  I didn’t have this opportunity in my other school.”

Year 1 pupil, “I like music because it is fun and I feel proud when my mummy and daddy come to listen to me play. I am getting better and it makes me happy”. 

Even more resons why Longford Park deserve this award:

  • Longford Park are proud of the fact that EVERY child from year 1 - year 6 benefits from whole class instrumental lessons delivered by a music specialist.
  • Children get to try a wide range of instruments including ukulele, recorder, samba percussion, djembe and brass!

Watch this space for more amazing musical things this school has been doing...


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