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Practice Diaries Available to download and buy now

Published: Wednesday, 19 September 2018

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We have launched our fantastic new practice diaries for students to use with their lessons to support their learning...

The practice diary is to record and celebrate the fantastic musical learning you will undertake over the school year. This is a place to record exercises, share ideas and to remember what you have covered with your instrumental/vocal tutor during lessons.

The best way to improve as a musician is to play and sing often, through a variety of different styles and genres. The most effective way to get the most out of your musical experience is to participate in lessons, playing alongside others both in school and out of school, as well as performing in front of an audience of friends, family and anyone else who will listen!

At Coventry Music we have a variety of different music groups we run with our wonderful Music Hub partners. We would definitely recommend talking with your tutor or coming along to see which groups are suitable for yourself and which groups you would have the most fun at!

This book is set out so that once a term you can reflect on your learning, alongside your tutor. You can then create a plan together to improve your learning and establish a musical journey that is perfect for you as an individual. The diary has a report section at the end of the year which your tutor will complete and you can share with your parents/carers.

You can download a copy to print yourselves from our website here:

Or alternatively we will have High quality A5 printed versions to purchase at a cost of only £2 per book. These are available to purchase through our website and will be posted out to your home address. Here is the link to order your copy

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